Pillars of JVD

The fundamental objective of JVD Abogados' methodology is to ensure that our clients receive value without waste, regardless of the size and amount of the dispute or matter. We are committed to provide high quality legal advise measured by its usefulness of the advice and not by the number of hours billed.

The following principles define how we approach any dispute or matter, how we engage with our clients, how we argue our cases, and how we agree on our fees.

Excellence and Rigor

A rigorous analysis of the case during the pre litigation phase to ensure that our clients adopt the appropriate strategic decisions from the start, avoiding decisions that could reveal to be inappropriateor inefficient at a later stage.

Commitment and Hands on Approach

A permanent and close collaboration with the client, with open and transparent lines of communication. The client remains a key part of the decision-making process, so that his expectations are always met.


Constant attention to methodology and efficiency, with a concise, clear and sophisticated style. We represent our clients with dedication and tenacity, but with absolute integrity, providing our clients with an objective and honest analysis of its rights and probabilities of success.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Efficiency in our work is of paramount importance. The legal costs incurred by our clients must provide them with true added value. We are committed to flexibility in the way we set our fees, accepting in may cases fee arrangements conditioned to results and offering to clients third party financing options.

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